DG type multi-stage cut submersible drainage pump

  • DG type multi-stage cut submersible drainage pump
  • DG type multi-stage cut submersible drainage pump

DG type multi-stage cut submersible drainage pump

Product overview

DG multi-stage cutting submersible drainage electric pump is mainly composed of three parts: single or three-phase asynchronous motor, lower pump-type structural pump components and sealing. Mechanical seal and skeleton oil seal are used as dynamic seal between pump and motor. The fasten sealing is at the static seal with an “O” shape seal ring. The impeller adopts the semi-open structure, and the pump body is improved based on the spiral centrifugal structure of the flow channel, which has a high passability and does not block the debris. The cutting device of the electric pump is composed of the internal cutting device and external cutting device. The internal cutting device is radial cutting, while the external cutting device is axial cutting, and the axial gap of the external cutting device can be adjusted freely and undifferentiated, so that the electric pump has a crushing effect on cutting both hard debris and soft debris. Therefore, this series of electric pump is especially suitable for the working condition like animal husbandry plant, septic tank and pond, whose medium contain a large number of hair, fiber, rope and other debris.

Product characteristics

1、Stainless steel cylinder, large torque motor, equipped with overheating protector, strong power motor, reliable operation
2、Two cutting devices, excellent cutting effect
3、Ductile cast iron impeller, wear resistance, long life
4、Mechanical seal + skeleton oil seal as dynamic seal and “O” shape rubber ring seal as static seal
5、Add conversion joint between pump body and outlet, suitable for various pipeline installation modes, easy for installation and disassembly

Main Purpose

1、Shexcrement discharge in animal husbandry and breeding industry industry
2、Septic tank sewage discharge
3、Sewage discharge from the slaughterhouse
4、Sewage discharge of biogas digester
5、Pond dredging

Operating Conditions

1、Medium temperature: 0℃ -40℃;
2、Medium density shall not exceed 1.2×103kg/m3;
3、Service voltage: 220 / 380V, frequency 50Hz, voltage fluctuation does not exceed ±10% of the rated value;
4、The diving depth shall not exceed 5m.

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